Everything will be okay
I promise you,
I will be… Just fine.

A Woman

She asks,
“What brings you here? ”
I find myself in utmost wonder
“Your raging silence, ”
I answer.


Greatness comes from creating things which don’t end with you! 🌈 Take care, 😇

Love Yourself

Maybe you should go and Love Yourself. 😊💟 Take care, 🌈


“Far from our sight, up the skies, the Phoenix still soars. And As long as stays his heart ablaze, The Phoenix will rise. From the ashes of his own, The Phoenix will rise!” 😊🔥 From one of my poems – The Phoenix. Take care, 🌈

A War

Love is a
Double edged sword.

Depression- One

My behaviour has changed a lot and I can feel, when you look at me, that you are drifting away from me. I never wanted to push you away, but I couldn’t have hurt you by staying close, so I chose the other way around.

Hell and Heaven

Time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think.


A plant doesn’t move from one place to another for its growth. The past few months months have been unusual and the future, as usual, remains unpredictable. So, what now? Listen. Listen. Listen. Not to Ayush But to your own thoughts and let them settle. It’s so much important to focus on what’s going on…