I am Ayush. Nineteen. I read. I feel. I write. Red is my favourite colour although I like Blue more. Why? Because it is okay for some things to not change with time.

On this tiny planet, sometimes I feel lost and when I do, you know who helps me? You, Ayu.
We both have come so far in these 19 years. So much has happened and so much is yet to happen, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that life doesn’t stop for anybody. Hence, you too need to be like the leaf in a stream of water. But, unlike other people, don’t just go with the flow unless you know where you’re headed towards. Okay?

Through this space, I will try to put things into perspective for you. So yeah, just know that you are not alone in this and that I am by your side and I will always be.
Take care,

I love you.