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  1. malaikamuses says:

    Heart touching👍

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    1. Ayush says:

      Thank you😊🌠


  2. Aw! Very romantic. 💙 How do you think of such beautiful things? I want your mind. 😼

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    1. Ayush says:

      Imagination. Omg poem girl sach me imagination hi ban gyi hai ab to😭🤣


      1. 🤭 New aa jayegi re, don’t worry. Poem girl ki jagah novel girl chaiye abi. 😃

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      2. Ayush says:

        😢You plan to write a book and get Published? Kitni achhi feeling hoti hogi khudki book haath me pakadna😭😭😭


      3. Yesss, that’s a big dream I have. Novel nahi toh atleast poetry and comic compilation books zaruur ayengi. 😂

        Exactly, ek blogger friend ki book purchase ki thi and I was so emotional ki aise meri book bhi hogi toh kitna mast lagega. 😭

        Tum bhi likho, I’ll buy. 😼

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      4. Ayush says:

        It’s my dream as well. To write a book which would continue to live even after Ayush’s death. Haye😭


      5. Death ki baat nahi karna. 😒 And start writing this book na. Let me know if I can help in any way. 😺

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      6. Ayush says:

        I was thinking to start finally. But confused kya likh skte. Novel? Poetry? Story thru poetry? Aghh. Horror stories i have in my mind. But feel aaegi padhte waqt ya ni idk😂My prose writing sucks. Publishers se kaise publish krwate yk? Aapne likhna start kr diya?

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