Colour Red

Often the people we choose
Fill the canvas of our lives
With colours that they decide.


In one of the rooms of that building a teen girl committed suicide, probably, because her father used to molest her.


We are made of stardust.


Abstract concepts like love, trust, and respect never made sense to me.

Zindagi Ka Safar

ज़मीन से यूं फलक को तकता है
मंज़िल तेरी और तारों से रस्ता पूछता है?

On Failure

Do something. Do anything. Just get started!

Dear You- I

Life goes on and although you may fail to realise this now, but one day everything will make sense. Everything!


ऐसी राह पर निकल पड़ा हूं
जिसकी मंज़िल की मुझको ख़बर भी नहीं|

For ever

I want to leave a little of me in all the things that I do.


And in his eyes
You’ll see the candid stars
Falling for you and only at you.