Musings- I

When the world you are busy in And the crowd you are lost in Will seem to become darker I’ll be there to light up your world Always! The one who is not a part Of my present Is the one I see in my future. That’s the thing with Love First you dont need […]

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Your Lips

Your lips has stars And I am gonna make The night Starless tonight. Your lips quiver when you cry Seeing that Mine starts trembling too.

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A shell

I am a shell Beautiful from outside Emptiness residing inside There’s nothing I have to offer Absolutely nothing Except A huge space So If you want to live Welcome! If you want to leave Well… No one ever stayed. 😊✌️

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Colour Red

(*Not purely a work of fiction*) I was Six And she, 1.5 cm shorter than me. A room filled with 35 faces And only hers felt familiar. I sat behind her. Beautiful. A doll. My little doll. “Iam Ayush. ” “Iam Swati. ” Ah! How much I loved Her sweet low voice. How much I […]

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