Keep Moving

You might not be The best But at least Be better than The rest. Bruh, The world’s space Is filled with scared people Scared of its pace. Keep walking. Keep Moving. And babe You’re still trying? You know Sometimes that’s all What matters! Keep trying. Keep Moving. 🔥 Advertisements

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A mystery you can’t solve A question you can’t answer A path you never walked on A destiny you’ll never arrive at. The world’s a lie And I? An illusion! An evitable cause Of the inevitable damage. 👼

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I don’t believe -Love happens only once- Every time you fall for someone It’s always a new feeling A new new love With a wilderness of it’s own. . Breathe… Shshsh… Breathe Agghhh I should stop now. . Why? The one who is not a part Of my present Is the one I see In […]

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Don’t You?

On cold winter mornings Don’t you want to Feel the little breeze And become my Little squeeze? On hot summer days Don’t you want to Spend the lazy hours In lap of my Cozy bowers? On Starry nights Don’t you want to Sit with me. Beside me. Reflect those stars In my little big eyes? […]

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A Glimpse

I have seen The sun shining bright Moon holding its light Stars falling all the night And clouds fighting over the heights Just to get A glimpse of your sight. 👸

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